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On to Fort Lauderdale!

Greetings one and all!  First, I’d like to apologize for the time gaps between blog postings.  I have found that in the fall I have time to sell, or time to write, but not time to do both!  But lets play some catch up here.
We had two days of rain, and two days of sun at the Annapolis Boat Show.  Once we dried out, we all had a great time. It was, as always, fun to catch up with my Chesapeake clients. Now that I am home for a few days (before departing for the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show) I have six items that I think you will find fun and interesting.
I. Cool Panama Canal Video
We have half a dozen Vicem’s on the West Coast, between Mexico and Vancouver.  I get a fair number of calls from that time zone asking about the logistics of accepting a delivery there.  Smaller boats (up to our 52) can go by truck. The larger boats can go by freighter, Dockwise, or on their own bottoms.  At least two of our boats have taken the latter route.  Here is a way cool video of the Panama Canal option, in great time-lapse footage:
II. Eastbays and Vicem
I ran into a friend at the bar of the Annapolis Yacht Club (don’t ask) who owns an Eastbay 49.  We had a nice conversation about the nice little niche that our two competitive lines share.  You very well may have heard me say that roughly 35% to 40% of all Vicem owners were prior owners of Eastbays. There just seems to be a mutual admiration between the lines, and since Eastbay doesn’t built as large or with as much customization as we do, there is a natural progression from them to us (fortunately!).  
Since I have taken so many Eastbays in trade over the years (and then sold them, of course) I feel like I am a pretty good judge of the whole Grand Banks thing.  So as a favor to my friend, if you are in the market for a beatiful Eastbay priced to sell quickly,  I’d like to point you in the direction of his.  He is widely regarded on the east coast as a master yachtsman, and when you see how his yacht is maintained, it will all come together for you. You can see the listing at:
Chet, the listing broker, is a friend of mine, so feel free to mention my name when you call.
III. Pre-Production Deal
Vicem is about to start construction on Hull #1 of our 68 Cruiser:

Vicem 68 Cruiser

A more careful look can be had by looking at this PDF file:
I can talk about a marvelous opportunity to get an amazing pre-production price (it involves a heavy boat show and magazine  presence), but not in writing! So please call me to discuss the deal of this [still new] century.
IV. Vicem in America
Vicem owners, as well as boat show visitors, are  familiar with our Turkish service team.  They do a wonderful job of commissioning the new boats as they arrive in the States, performing warrantee and upgrade services throughout the country, and setting up our boat show displays.  A bunch of the guys live in Fort Lauderdale, supplemented by additional fly-in help from Istanbul as needed. They have become some of my closest friends, and their love and appreciation for all things American is quite refreshing to me. They are all intent on becoming U.S. citizens some day, so I decided that they need to see our nation’s capital. Right after the Annapolis Boat Show we drove up to the National Mall, and here are some pictures of a completely wonderful day.
The MLK Memorial had opened just the day before.  The grounds were still packed with mostly elderly celebrants, many of  whom were there for the August, 1963 “I have a dream” speech. Really overpowering.
Vicem’s founding fathers:
I am honored to say that the sculptor selected to carve the texts throughout the memorial is a friend of mine.
At the FDR Memorial: 
V. The Fort Lauderdale Boat Show  

From Annapolis the great seasonal migration (as in the Serengeti) continues, as we make our way south to the Fort Lauderdale show. It runs from the 27th thru the 31st of October. The lineup is now set:

2011 V72 Flybridge

Vicem 57 Sportfish


Vicem 58
I look forward to seeing you there.
VI. A Special Invitation:
Once again I was deeply touched by the continued interest in our efforts in Haiti to build a school. Several dozen of my clients at the Annapolis Show asked for an update. Well, I am pleased to invite you to a celebration of our mission and efforts in NYC on December 3rd. Details can be found at:

Thats all for now. But you know the drill – If you have any questions, just launch a flare.



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