Posted by: Dave Mallach | April 22, 2011

Busy, busy, busy….

Lots to report on from Newport today!

I. Brokerage News

I heard this week that our Vicem 85 brokerage boat, Essence, is planning on making her way north this season.

Vicem 85 Essence

She will be spending the season in New York, after spending last season in Palm Beach. She will arrive by mid-June. You can find the complete listing at:

I have spent a lot of time on this amazing yacht, and have run her a bunch.  Please call for details.

Also on the move is our Vicem 67 listing, Mahogany Rose:

Mahogany Rose

This is the famous red-hulled 67, with an extended coach roof and an amazing convertible office. She is moving from Charleston to Chicago, on her own bottom. The complete listing can be seen at:




II. Factory News

We have made some changes in the design of our 46m. Specifically, the aft deck and jacuzzi. This amazing yacht will be ready in less than 18 months, and here is the latest rendition:


46M Aft deck

For an absolutely amazing video, with music that is only mildly annoying, go to:

III. Getting your CG Captain’s License

Last week I finished the process of getting my CG Captain’s License.  I concluded  that:

  • It takes seven to ten day out of your life;
  • It can be a pain in the ass;
  • It  is sometimes tedious;
  •  The test is hard; and,
  • I am so glad I did it, and I urge all my clients to do the same.
Why? The fact is that having done it, I feel like a safer boater. Here is just one reason:
Last summer I was bringing a small boat (without radar) across Long Island Sound at around midnight from City Island (great Italian restaurant) to Port Washington. It is no more than a two mile run.  Light fog, no moon. Not having looked at the Rules of the Road since  the first BushI administration, I was puzzled by a large and ominous black shape in front of me, with a myriad of confusing lights.
I guessed that it might be a tug towing a barge.  I waited to figure out its direction, and drifted aft looking for a towed barge. I found not one, but two barges in tow, and almost missed seeing the second one. It took me a long time to settle down and get home.
Now, having been extensively drilled in light and shape recognition, I would have figured it all out a lot quicker, with less shaking.
So I thought I would add one CG question to every blog posting. Here is #1:
Under Inland (as opposed to International COLREG) rules, sound signals shall be sounded by a power-driven vessel intending to overtake:

A.  Any vessel when within half a mile of that vessel
B.  Another power-driven vessel when both power-driven vessels are in sight of one another
C.  Any vessel when both are in sight of one another
D.  Another power-driven vessel only when with half a mile of that power-driven vessel.
You can write me for the answer if you like.

IV. Newport Events

I’m a pretty sociable person (I figured out once that I meet 8,000 people a year here on Planet Vicem). But even I am surprised by how much I have scheduled here in Newport this season.  Here is only a partial list of Vicem events (more to follow), and I invite you to one or all:
  • Vicem has reserved “Tailgate” space for the coming Newport Polo season.  I am told it is quite a party. You’ll find me at Saturday matches on June 25, July 16, July 30, August 6th, August 20th, and September 3rd.  The rumor that went through town this week like a Cigarette boat is that for the September 3rd match, USA vs England, the Prince and new Princess are attending.
  • Newport’s J-Class regatta is from June 15-19.  Our 72 Flybridge (if not sold) will be one of the official observer boats.  I really urge you to come aboard for these races.
  • June 26th is the start of the New York Yacht Club Transatlantic Race.  The 72 will be there at the starting gun.
  • The International Yacht Restoration School Gala is on July 9th.  This is the yachting social event of the season, and I have a ticket or two.  Call for details.
  • The Boys and Girls Club of Newport Black Tie Ball is on August 26th. Can you really pass up an opportunity to see me in a tux and boat shoes?
  • And finally, the Newport Folk Festival is July 30-31, and the Jazz Festival is August 5-7. Wouldn’t you like to hear them from the water?

V. June Trip

I will be back in Haiti from June 10-13th checking on the state of construction of our school.  The project started a few weeks ago, and here is a great picture (with the old school in the background), from just last week:
That will put me completely off the grid for a few days, but leave a message and I will of course get back to you.
Meanwhile, you know the drill – If you have any questions, just launch a flare.

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