Posted by: Dave Mallach | June 24, 2011

Another Cover!

I had mentioned a few blog posts ago that getting a cover is just about the best thing that can happen to a builder in our industry.  Now we have another cover shot, and a full review, of the Vicem 78 Cruiser in this month’s Power & Motor Yacht.

Now let me tell you how I read boat reviews (like the rest of you, usually in airports). Whenever I read  a boat review, for Vicem’s or any other builder, I immediately race ahead to see the sound ratings, in decibels. Vicem wins almost every time.   This 78 Cruiser, at just 73 db at full RPM,  is shockingly quiet. I don’t know for a fact that our full line of motor yachts beats any other manufacturer’s full line in db ratings. But I’m pretty sure we do (it’s one of the many advantages of Cold Molded construction.  Nothing beats the sound deadening qualities of natural wood).

You can see the review here (it may take a few seconds to load).  It is a great read.

VIcem 78 Cover_Article_July_2011

P.S. If you are in Newport this weekend, please feel free to join me for the Polo Match on Saturday or the start of the Trans-Atlantic race on Sunday.


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