Posted by: Dave Mallach | August 23, 2011

You snooze, you lose…

I. I am pleased to announce that our Bahama Bay 54 IPS  has sold!

She will be in Fort Lauderdale for a couple of weeks if you would like to get a last look at her.

Fear not, we have another one under construction – a 56 IPS that will splash in a few months.

Last week a client asked for plans of a 52 IPS in a Flybridge configuration.  They just came in, and I think they are marvelous:

Please call me for the details.

 II. With the Newport Show just three weeks away, I guess this is a good time to go over all of our remaining inventory, new and brokerage (“b”), around the world.

I’m getting a little bored with the standard pictures, so rather than the most representative, I’ve tried to show the most interesting. In size order, top to bottom, you will find:

  • Vicem 85 Classic (B)

What can I say? There is only one V85. She is visible from the causeway in Palm Beach, and I have seen her literally stop traffic.

Details at:

  • Vicem 75 Flybridge

Our first V75, at our La Spezia office in Italy. You can see her at the Cannes, Monaco and Genoa shows. It would be no trouble at all for me to meet you there.....

Details at:

  • Vicem 72 Flybridge (2008 Dealer Demo)

See her at the Newport and Norwalk Shows.

Details at:

  • Vicem 2011 72 Flybridge

At our docks in Fort Lauderdale. She can be sea trialed at any time.

Details at:

  • Vicem 70 Flybridge (b)

Recently called "one of the top five under 80 foot yachts on the planet"!

Details at:

  • Vicem 67 Flybridge (b)

I know of no other yacht better suited to succeed as a live aboard vessel. Commissioned by a Vicem 52 owner, this boat is ergonomically perfect.

Details at:

  • Vicem 58 Classic (b)

Vanderbilt is berthed next to my 72 in Newport. You might think the 72 gets all the oohs and aahs. Nope. This 58 is cherished in Newport. See her at the Newport Show.

Details at:

  • Vicem 58 Flybridge (B)

Foot for foot and dollar for dollar (Turkish Lire for Turkish Lire?) IMHO this boat presents the greatest value and the most bang for the buck of any boat I'm listing. See her at the Newport and Norwalk Shows.

Details at:

  • Vicem 57 Sportfish

This is the only Sportfish we have left. I have received six or seven calls this season from people who have seen the V63 Sportfish I sold last year cruising New England, and asking "What was that stunning yacht?" This 57 has exactly the same styling.

Details at:

  • Vicem 54 Flybridge (b)

Over and over again I tell people that the V54, with a unique two head/one shower arrangement, provides 90% of the volume of our 58, but at a $250,000 savings. This is an excellent example of that theory in practice. In Fort Lauderdale.

Details at:

  • Vicem 51 (b)

Last week I looked up all the Vicems I've sold over the seven years. A total of 20! And 6 of them, twice as many as any other model, were the 51 series. This yacht explains why better than any other I have sold.

Details at:

III. When I realized I was up to 20 Vicem’s sold, I treated myself to three days off (the first since my Captain’s course in April, not counting the Haiti trip).  Great time diving and fishing in Key Largo, and now my batteries are fully recharged. Here’s the how and the why:

Can't resist - Somewhere under the rainbow...

That’ all for now. I’ll see ya in a few weeks. Any questions or comments, just launch a flare.


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