Posted by: Dave Mallach | September 19, 2011

Newport Report

I was quite pleased to spend time with roughly 70 of my loyal clients at the Newport Boat Show.  And just as pleased to have met several hundred new ones! At least two deals are brewing, and you can expect one of my “You Snooze, You Lose” emails any day now. And as a client told me last month, when our V54 IPS sold:

“Damn, I missed another one! I hate being on the losing end of those emails.”

The Norwalk Boat Show starts on Thursday of this week, and runs through Sunday. We will be displaying two Flybridges, the 72 and the 58:

Vicem 72 Flybridge

Vicem 58 Flybridge

I look forward to seeing you all there.

To hold you over until then, I thought you would find this thread interesting. It is a just-updated discussion of Vicem’s on an unbiased industry forum.  Unsolicited (mostly), and unedited (completely):

Literally nine or ten clients at the show asked be about our two viral videos – rough water deliveries of the Vicem 72 and 78. They have been watched thousands of times around the world (every now and again I get an email from a kid in landlocked Kazakhstan who just loves them) so by popular demand and acclaim I am republishing them here:


Two last stories:  I am closing in on my 100th boat show, but I must say this Newport show was just about the most special one so far.  My daughter Katie turned 20 this year, and this was her first “working” boat show.  She was showing boats and talking GPH with the best of them! I am told by semi-unbiased sources that she did a great job:

The proud father.

Capping it off, a friend of ours just returned from his second tour of Afghanistan. Nick is in Newport for a few weeks of Navy training before he heads off again (to Dubai). He’s 27, and we’ve known him most of his life. Like Katie and I, he is a diver. But unlike us, after his next tour he will leave active duty to get trained as an underwater welder of oil rigs. Be safe, Nick.

Captain Nick

That”s all for now. See you at the show (or at Annapolis and Fort Lauderdale). And as always, if you have any questions, just launch a flare.


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