Posted by: Dave Mallach | June 1, 2011

New 58 Pix

Much to report after a quite busy Memorial Day weekend in Newport:

I. New Pix

Below you will see the latest pix of our Vicem 58 brokerage listing, Vanderbilt. As you’ll see, really an amazing boat. The full listing can be seen at:

Cockpit, Wide Angle

Helm, thru port window

Helm, thru stbd window

Cockpit, aft


Guest Cabin


Stbd Salon


Wide Angle Cockpit

II. Great Lakes Boats

As of today, I now have two brokerage boats in Michigan. Summer Nights, a V51 Classic in Charlevoix:

Summer Nights

Details can be seen at:

And the just-arrived Mahogany Rose, a V67 Flybridge:

V67 Flybridge

She is in Douglas, Michigan, two and half hours south of Charlevoix.

Both yachts can be seen on the same day. Please call me for the details.

III. On the  move

Want to see how we move a big boat? We have taken our 32 Meter from Istanbul to our new yard in Antalya, 500 miles to the south. She was floated down, then trucked. She arrived without a scratch, as these fun pix prove:


Call me if you would like the details on this exciting yacht.

In the same vein, here is our 78, safely offloaded in Europe this week, before she heads to Dubai:

A mere 60 tons.

Thats all for now. See ya (in Michigan, I hope).

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