Posted by: Dave Mallach | May 21, 2011

You snooze, you lose…

When this Fort Lauderdale Vicem 58 Flybridge listing went live in April you may recall I predicted she wouldn’t last long.  My kids say that occasionally I am right, and I guess this is the occasion:


Fear not, I have unique information on a substantially similar boat, with an asking price of $995,000 (and trades considered):

Call me about this boat. No one knows her better.

Here in Newport, it took some jockeying, but both of my Newport boats are now next to each other:

V72 and V58 - both 2008's and ready to go.

Last week my wife helped be bring the 58, Vanderbilt,  down from Portsmouth. Pat has been aboard virtually every Vicem in the States, and a few in Europe. She said “This is by far my favorite Vicem“.  Trust me, when it comes to boats she’s a tough critic! Here are some more pix:

Starboard side

Stern to

130 feet of Vicem

I will have all new interior pictures next week. Meanwhile you can see the full listing at:

She has 1100 MAN’s, and they just purr

And finally, I am pleased and proud to report that my Daughter Katie started as our Newport Office Manager this week (and she has her first business card to prove it):

Now you have another reason to stop by the office.  She’ll be working the Newport show as well.

Stand by, for as always, more to follow.


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