Posted by: Dave Mallach | July 6, 2011

There be dragons…

Let’s start with some videos!

A few weeks ago our V72 was one of the official spectator boats for the J-Class Regatta.  Seeing these 140 foot beauties go by, with their 185 foot masts, took my breath away. Here they are rounding a mark:

Those of you with smart-alek sons will enjoy this next one.  Backing in to our Newport slip at the Brown & Howard Wharf is, for me, a bit hair-raising. I make no secret of the fact that I’m a better salesman than captain. Here’s an aerial of the layout:

72 to Starboard, 58 to Port.

My son made this video of me on the 3rd, following the start of the Trans-Atlantic race.  You will note his voiceover, which includes such encouragements as “Doesn’t look good at the moment” and “I’ll delete it if he doesn’t crash.”

Thanks, Timmy!

He doesn’t note that I have about 16 inches on either side, which means I give 30 inches of space to my wonderful brokerage 58 listing to port, and 2 inches to my Italian competitor boats to starboard.



Here are some new plans.  You may be aware that we have built three or four 54 Flybridges to date. All have had a ladder up to the flybridge.  A client recently asked if stairs, as are standard with our 58 FB, would fit.  They do, and here are the plans:

54 stairway plans



I have always been a huge fan of our 54 model.  To me it provides 85% of the space and functionality of the 58, but at a $200,000 savings.


Here’s a tip: I had a wonderful visit with a client on the Fourth, who cruised down from downeast aboard his Eastbay for the amazing fireworks launched from Fort Adams. He found in rolling seas that three of his four radome mounting bolts had backed out, and he was without radar. Fortunately there was no fog that day. Moral of the story?  Mapmakers in the middle ages used to print on the edge of their charts, Hic sunt dracones.”  Which translates as  “There are dragons out there. Check your radome bolts.”

Two last items: I will be off the harbor tomorrow. I will be up up in Conway, NH giving a talk on Haiti for the World Fellowship Center, a wonderful and supportive organization. I will be back on Friday, at which time I am doing an event with Aston Martin. Stop by to drive a hot car and  a hot boat.

Lastly, I decided I am changing  my job title!  I showed the 72 and the 58 this week to some Silicon Valley guys. One of them said that in their world I wouldn’t  be called a broker, or even a salesman. I would be a  “Product Evangelist.” I love that, and that I be.


Dave Mallach, P.E.

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