Posted by: Dave Mallach | March 31, 2012

You Snooze, You Lose…

I have circled the planet in the last three weeks (Dubai, China, Palm Beach)  and I’d like to fill you in with a groggy and belated report on all things Vicem. Thanks for waiting!

I. The Dubai Boat Show

It was our first time in Dubai.  The new owner of our Vicem 78 Cruiser kindly offered her to us for the show. She went over hugely, of course. Here are some pix:

The proud owner.

This was the most popular yacht at the show – Seriously!

II. Our 107 Cruiser Splashes

She went in the water this week. I am enormously impressed to report that she came in only 1,000 pounds over her design weight, and hit her max speed (20 knots) at her first sea trial. For a one-off custom build of a hull #1, this is virtually unheard of. As always, I am so proud of my company. I will have sea trial videos of her soon.

She is available for sale or charter. Please call me for details.

III. An Important V70 Update

Truant, our spectacular Vicem 70 listing, will be going back in to the water next month. The owner has told me that he will consider trades. I urge you to check out this amazing yacht, either on line, or up on the Cape. The full listing can be found at:


IV. You Snooze, you lose…

I am pleased to report that Ruthie B, our Vicem 58 Flybridge listing, is now under contract! At this point, if you are looking for a 58 Flybridge, we’d be happy to build you one!

V. Latest V58 Classic Listing

A 58 has just come on the market, in Florida. At this point, she is the only brokerage 58 out there. Don’t end up on the wrong end of one of my Snoozagrams!

Take a look at this, and feel free to call me with questions:

58 Vicem Classic

Well, my batteries need to recharge a bit. But stay tuned for some really big news in the next posting.  And as always, if you have any questions, just launch a flare.

See ya!

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