Posted by: Dave Mallach | August 10, 2011

How to buy a brokerage Vicem…

I. How To Buy a Brokerage Vicem:

I had forgotten about a very cool set of Vicem videos, never before shared by me.  A client last winter was interested in seeing both of the Vicem 51’s then on the brokerage market. His family could not travel to MI and ME with us to see them, so he made these walk through video’s for their use and benefit. He kindly allowed me to share these with you. Its a great peak at a successful process. Hint, hint….

The first is of Summer Nights, still available  in Michigan:

The second is of the V51 then in Maine, and for reasons geographic as much as anything, he ended up purchasing this one and moving her to CT:

When you compare these two video’s, you get a good glimpse of how we can build the same boat in different ways. It’s all up to the owner.

And here is the end of his process, the sea trial before closing:

Loyal readers may remember the email he sent me after his delivery home:

The trip from went great.  I love the way she runs!  We had six footers out of Portland for a couple of hours and she ate it up at 26 knots, without a problem.  We made the run from Newport to Riverside in 4 ¼ hours, dock-to-dock.  Pretty awesome!  The thing I love the most is that everywhere we docked, people were just drooling over how beautiful she is.  Definitely a winner all around. Also, I am happy to make her available if anyone would like to see an example of Vicem’s finest.

If you would like to see Summer Nights, now is the time. Launch a flare.

II. Water Dog of the Week:

I’ve got quite a collection of water dog shots, from my clients. I will start posting them.  Feel free to send me more. Anyway, remember that great dolphin shot last week? Here is his four legged friend, standing guard:

III. Plans vs. Photo’s

The plan vs. photo scheme I shared with you last week of the Vicem 70 Truant got quite a response, and reminded me of another incredible project, the Vicem 67 Mahagony Rose.

The owner of this one (his second Vicem, by the way) wanted a cabin that was a triple convertible: from wide open, to a desk office, to a bed.  When first proposed, I was doubtful, to say the least. But he quoted back my own words:

“Dave, you’ve been telling me for years that the whole Vicem business plan is for clients to draw it on a napkin, and Vicem  will build it. Here’s your napkin. Go build it!”

Our designers in Istanbul outdid themselves.  Here is the original plan, in two views, and photos of its various stages of conversion:

Front view - bed and desk folded up.

Side view - bed down

Desk folded down

Desk up, bed down!

She is for sale in Michigan, and the full listing can be seen at:

Trust me, she is worth seeing.

That’s all for now. Just 34 days till the Newport Show!

See ya.

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