Posted by: Dave Mallach | February 7, 2012

You Snooze, You Lose…..

I. Dave’s Latest Snoozagram

I am so pleased to announce that our display yacht at the Miami Boat Show sold during the show!

Vicem 58 - Sailing off into the sunset (almost)

The thrilled new owner is coming out of  larger Marlowe. He wanted something faster and un-crewed. He got it!

I am going to miss this boat. I spent quite a lot of fun times aboard her in Newport this Summer. Remember this picture of her in Yachting?

This leaves a grand total of just one of Vicem’s all-time best selling 58’s on the market: Ruthie B, the 58 Flybridge up in New York:

Vicem 58 Flybridge - $995,000!

I will be in New York for just the next two weeks, before I begin a three week circle-the-globe sales trip. Now is the time to make an offer on this wonderful yacht. Don’t be on the wrong side of one of my snoozagram emails!

I’ll put this in context for you: At one time we had three 58’s on the market.  The listing on the only one available can be seen at:

Yachtworld Listing

And I’ll close this chapter by adding that with the dearth of 58’s around, now is a great a time to build a new 58.  I can make you a seriously twisted offer on new construction right now. CALL ME!

II. Notes and Observations about the Miami Show:

Last year at the Miami Show I estimated that just four or five boats sold. That was then, this is now – I am reliably told that 20 boats sold at the show this week. Walking around on the last afternoon I saw two dozen sold signs (some of those are just the usual industry puffery).

This show marks my 100th show with Vicem.  It may sound a bit strange, but I have worked enough shows that I can tune in to the energy levels on the docks.  Lead me around blindfolded, and I can tell if things are selling. It is just something in the air, a certain electricity. Well, the air was crackling this week.

And now, to add to the strangers of it all, I will give you Dave’s Rule of Yacht Sales. It will sound simplistic, but it has tracked really well for me over the years:

It’s all about the DJIA

When I fall asleep each night, my night owl wife fills me in on the state of Asian Markets (she works in Finance), and the likely path of the Dow the next day. I can tell pretty well how much my phone will ring the next day.


With the Dow up strongly over the last four months, so are our boat sales. And I am reading trustworthy forecasters who predict an 18,000 Dow in two years.

Yah baby!

Here’s something more: I saw an industry stat at the show – Among all brokerage yacht listings nationally, 58% of them have been on the market longer than 24 months.  I expect this glut to be reduced by 25% before the Fourth of July. Remember this, and feel free to call me on it his summer.

I will buy you a beer if I’m wrong.  You buy a boat if I’m right!

In conclusion, if you are looking for a yacht, new or brokerage, I honestly believe there has never been a better time than right now.

III. Our About to Splash 107 Cruiser

She splashes in a matter of weeks.  But today I got in some amazing computer-generated photos of her.  It took me a while to figure out they were not real (the faint reflections on the surface of the hull amaze me):

Vicem 107 Cruiser

The full specifications can be found here:

V100 Opt

And the full listing here:

Yachtworld Listing for 107C

Now, about this 107 Cruiser – I just heard at the show that Vicem is going into the charter game for the first time.  For as long as it takes for the Cruiser to sell, she will be available for charter in the Turkish and Greek Islands.

I have spent a lot of time in these waters.  I will never forget one night in particular, when the Milky Way was so clear and bright  you could follow it clearly from one horizon to the other (even the fishtail end). And the diving was great too!

Charter rates will be roughly 65,000 Euro’s a week. But I expect her to sell fairly quickly. So jump quick if you want to experience this.

IV. Our Latest Press:

Last week I posted an Italian magazine review of our V75 Flybridge, with some amazing pictures.  This week, a French magazine review with even better photos.  They really highlight what we can now do with the lighter Anegre interior wood. Je parle Francais, un peu, (comes in quite handy in Haiti) so if you need a translation of this article, just let me know:

FRA_Neptune Feb 2012

V. A Cool Istanbul Article

My friends and family are quite kind – they choose to call me eccentric rather than crazy. I am grateful for their kindness, because admittedly the range of my interests and hobbies are bizarre and diverse. Its a little like the way John Wayne described the South Platte River  in one of his westerns – A mile wide and an inch deep.

Anyway, one of my interests is the art world. This week the Times ran a great article about the stunning growth of the contemporary art scene in Istanbul. I have watched these neighborhoods and galleries adapt and grow over the years, and it is so exciting for me to see them get wider attention.

Here is the full article. And if you would like to explore this world with me, by all means come along on my next trip.  I have cutting-edge artist friends in Istanbul who can show us the full scene:

That’s it for now. I hope to see you at the Dubai and Palm Beach Boat Shows, but I am sure I will have blog postings before then. Some big announcements coming up.

But, as always, if you need anything, just launch a flare. I post this at 37,000 feet (I love Delta’s wifi) so I am sure to see your flare.

Thanks, and enjoy.

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